Premium electronic cigarette

Some of the best electronic cigarettes are premium. I mean the Premium Brand. Excellent quality, Good battery life and state of the art design, sets the premium electronic cigarettes a step ahead among its competition. With a range of products from Cartomizers, Batteries and various flavors Premium electronic cigarettes is the choice among most electronic cigarette smokers today.

Some of the products from Premium include electronic cigarettes but adds on with batteries, Cartomizer skins, Refills and more. Below is a short list of some of the most used and sold products by Premium electronic cigarettes.

22 Flavors of Refills ranging from Apple, Clove, Cola and even Tobacco are available at premium. Today you are not limited to 1 or 2 flavors.

7 Flavored disposable electronic cigarettes, each with up to 500 puffs equivalant to over 1 and a half packets of normal cigarettes, at a cost of 9$

18 colored batteries. A range of colors to choose from depending on your style, costume or dress code. From original cigarette looks to the comouflaged military look you can change the way your cigarette looks now.

18 colored cases. If you are looking for cases for your electronic cigarettes, there is a range now. You dont have to go with that steel box which is old styled. A range of colors and styles are readily available now.

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