Njoy electronic cigarette

One of the best brands and highly sold too,┬áNjoy electronic cigarette is a choice among many electronic cigarette smokers. With 2 flavours from original tobacco to mint flavor with a range of nicotine levels. Njoy is preferred because of its novelty look and taste. With the size and appearance of a normal cigarette, it makes you look like you are actually smoking and gives you the same feel too. Classified as america’s #1 electronic cigarette, Njoy comes with a 1 year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee

Njoy is Smoke free and odorless. With a range of Flavours from authentic tobacco to mint and more, Njoy has to its credit over 3 million pieces sold till date. Whats more? Njoy is available with over 3000 retailers. With costs far lesser than a normal cigarette, Electronic cigarette’s are gaining popularity . No tar and lesser side effects and health issues make Electronic cigarettes a choice among most smokers.

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