Liquid nicotine for electronic cigarette

If you own an Electronic Cigarette you know how important the Liquid nicotine juice is in your electronic cigarette, without which your electronic cigarette is just another device which doesn’t work. Like a pen without ink!!! Liquid juice or liquid nicotine can be purchased from the company where you purchased the electronic cigarette and also from other retailers  Liquid nicotine comes in a range of flavors now. From natural traditional tobacco to Strawberry and even watermelon. The most common of the flavors still remain the Natural tobacco followed by the Mint.

Its a good idea to stock up on your liquid Nicotine for a month and get a pack before your stocks are over. Though most nicotine liquid will not expire for a few months, its always nice to have a fresh pack. But with that said, there is always an advantage if you are looking to smoke the Liquid nicotine regularly or quit the traditional tobacco. You can check out some of the companies which supply Liquid Nicotine for Electronic Cigarettes in the product section.


Mini electronic cigarette

Electronic Cigarettes are making rounds and that’s not new. There are problems though. The first one is the need for the cigarette to be charged before you smoke . The inconvenience of not finding a charger handy or no electrical or usb outlets when you are outdoor is an issue. But whats more annoying is that most people who smoke a normal tobacco based cigarette find an Electronic Cigarette far more heavier and bulkier. Though the taste and feel may nearl be the same, The weight has been of concern for most Electronic cigarette manufacturers.

Mini Electronic Cigarettes try to mimic the Normal Cigarette in its best for. From appearance, Size and even weight, the New Mini Electronic cigarettes are trendy and looks almost like the normal cigarette. Just no flame to light it up and you would not see a difference from a distance. Mini electronic cigarettes are comfortable to smoke and leaves no trace of smell or after effects of normal smoking. To find a list of Mini Electrical Cigarettes ,  Check out the products section. And yes… Have a nice one!

Electronic Cigarette Started Kit

Most people making a switch to Electronic cigarettes wonder what its all about and what they need. Electronic Cigarettes, unlike the Traditional Flammable Tobacco Counterpart requires a bit of gadget. You can light up a normal cigarette right after a purchase from your local gas station and all you may need is a lighter. But things got a bit difficult with Electronic Cigarettes. Electronic Cigarette’s contain a battery, The liquid which consists of nicotine and the actual electronic component which evaporates this liquid for you to inhale. Now there is a Charger required for the recharging the battery and some times a case may follow.

A Electronic Cigarette Starter kit will almost always have all the four components and sometimes more

  • Electronic Cigarette itself (which contains a Battery and the Cartomizer)
  • Nicotine Juice (the liquid which you inhale)
  • Spare Battery (Most of them will have this)
  • A charger (sometimes inbuilt with the case)
  • A Cigarette Case (This is the trendy part)

A starter will almost always require all of the above. Once purchased, you can simply buy the Nicotine juice of your preferred flavour and start vaping. Most companies have a  one year warranty and some even have a life time warranty. So chances are you will never purchase anything more than the nicotine juice ever!!!

For a list of starter packs We recommend you check out the products section.

The Best Smokeless Cigarettes

Now now now. The best Smokeless Cigarettes? Cigarettes are meant to be burned and if its burnt then its gonna smoke… So whats a smokeless Cigarette and whats the big fun about it!. Smokeless Cigarettes are Electronic cigarettes which are not lit . There is no Smoke and there is no side effects of the normal Tobacco Smoke. No Ash, No tar but the effects of the cigarettes still remain. Why, Even there is a smoke like appearance when you smoke it which is simply water Vapour. that looks so naturally like cigarettes but its simply water vapor. Smokeless cigarettes are the latest innovation for healthy smoking. With lesser side effects of the Tar and the Tobacco off completely, You get the typical nicotine surge which smokers seek but with no other effects the surroundings. So now you can smoke in your building, Bar or your movie theater.

Smokeless cigarettes are odor free, Smoke free and it is safe to smoke these electronic cigarettes in any place. Since there is no fire, chances of getting things burnt by accidents is out of the possibility. Since there is no Ash and the real smoky effect, there is nothing to worry about. There is no smell when you smoke it and all that’s released is the water vapor   So all you get is simply a lean environment. Check out some of the smokeless cigarette companies in the Store section. You can also check out some of the Electronic Cigarette products in the product section. Have a nice one!!!

Green Nicotine Electronic Cigarette

Green Nicotine Electronic Cigarette is the standard of Research which has been going on in the electronic Cigarette industry. Relatively new , Electronic cigarettes has been the subject of controversy in the recent times. Questions regarding its safety and comparison with tobacco products have been made and its relative health issues have been studied in the recent times. though Electronic cigarettes are available in the market, there is no Standardizing and approving organization to keep track of the product or refills of the Electronic cigarette industry. The FDA would not Touch the Electronic Cigarette industry yet as its not so big or is relatively a smaller issue

Green Nicotine Electronic Cigarette puts a great deal of effort in creating greener products. From the Cartridges to the Atomizer Or the cartomizer to the fluid a great deal of research is under taken to make sure that natural products are used. Also there are a few key problems with the electronic cigarette industry which most of the manufacturers will not tell you. This is the site to keep track of the possible things to watch out. It doesnt matter if you buy or Not from Green Nicotine Electronic Cigarette but you get to know what to look out for when purchasing any electronic cigarettes. Did you know that there is a nickel filter in the cartomizer which is eroded when heated up and enters your lungs when used over a period of time. Did you know that the fluid used has to be of certain set quality to maintain a standard? All these can be found at the Green Nicotine Electronic Cigarette website now at

Vapurize Electronic Cigarettes

Vapurize Electronic Cigarettes is one of the few electronic cigarettes which tries to stick on to the traditional values. Made in The USA, the products has 4 flavours ranging from the traditional tobacco flavour, Mint, Cherry and Vanilla. The best of course is the Tobacco flavour but people have their own choices . Offering a 1 year warranty with a 30 day return guarantee, Vapurize is a simple yet great product. Cost efficient, Easy to use, Quick battery recharge and varied nicotine levels are key features of the Vapurize Electronic Cigarettes.

Vapurize is approximately 3.4 inches long and 0.19 inches wide, With batteries lasting a 120 Puffs per recharge. Each cartridge lasts 250 puffs which is more than 2 packs of cigarettes.

Manufactured in an FDA Approved facility, Vapurize is ready to be approved, if and when the FDA starts regulating the Electronic Cigarette industry. Quality and Standards are maintained to the best and all effort is taken to keep customers satisfied.

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