Njoy electronic cigarette

One of the best brands and highly sold too, Njoy electronic cigarette is a choice among many electronic cigarette smokers. With 2 flavours from original tobacco to mint flavor with a range of nicotine levels. Njoy is preferred because of its novelty look and taste. With the size and appearance of a normal cigarette, it makes you look like you are actually smoking and gives you the same feel too. Classified as america’s #1 electronic cigarette, Njoy comes with a 1 year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee

Njoy is Smoke free and odorless. With a range of Flavours from authentic tobacco to mint and more, Njoy has to its credit over 3 million pieces sold till date. Whats more? Njoy is available with over 3000 retailers. With costs far lesser than a normal cigarette, Electronic cigarette’s are gaining popularity . No tar and lesser side effects and health issues make Electronic cigarettes a choice among most smokers.

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Premium electronic cigarette

Some of the best electronic cigarettes are premium. I mean the Premium Brand. Excellent quality, Good battery life and state of the art design, sets the premium electronic cigarettes a step ahead among its competition. With a range of products from Cartomizers, Batteries and various flavors Premium electronic cigarettes is the choice among most electronic cigarette smokers today.

Some of the products from Premium include electronic cigarettes but adds on with batteries, Cartomizer skins, Refills and more. Below is a short list of some of the most used and sold products by Premium electronic cigarettes.

22 Flavors of Refills ranging from Apple, Clove, Cola and even Tobacco are available at premium. Today you are not limited to 1 or 2 flavors.

7 Flavored disposable electronic cigarettes, each with up to 500 puffs equivalant to over 1 and a half packets of normal cigarettes, at a cost of 9$

18 colored batteries. A range of colors to choose from depending on your style, costume or dress code. From original cigarette looks to the comouflaged military look you can change the way your cigarette looks now.

18 colored cases. If you are looking for cases for your electronic cigarettes, there is a range now. You dont have to go with that steel box which is old styled. A range of colors and styles are readily available now.

For more product information about Premium electronic cigarette. we suggest you check out the website at premiumecigarette.com

Electronic Disposable Cigarettes

Smoking in public could be a nuisance for non smokers. The Odour of the smoke is a turn off in general. Spilling of ash and disposing the butt of the cigarette is even more a bigger problem. Electronic Disposable Cigarettes are excellent alternatives to traditional cigarettes with tobacco. With No Tobacco, No Smoke and a range of flavours, Electronic disposable cigarettes are becoming more popular and preferable among smokers. today smokers can get that nicotine rush which comes from smoking cigarettes at a much cheaper price and with a range of flavours.

Electronic Cigarettes are not new in today’s world. Though it took some time to evolve, a range of Electronic disposable cigarettes can be purchased from retail vendors now. Products range from rechargable to use and throw cigarettes which lasts for 2-3 days a piece, usually giving the same effect of a pack and a  half of normal tobacco cigarettes. Also there is no tar in electronic cigarettes which is more harmful to health according to many health specialists and doctors. Most smokers who want to quit smoking turn to Electronic Disposable cigarettes now. Like using a nicotine patch , to relieve the nicotine cessation, Electronic cigarettes give the same effect. Most smokers find it easier to quit smoking when using an electronic Cigarette.