Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette Advantages

Smoke free Electronic cigarettes are sold because of the advantages over the normal tobacco cigarettes. There wouldnt have been a need to invent smoke free electronic cigarettes if the traditional tobacco cigarettes were perfect in all senses. To understand the advantages of Smoke free electronic cigarettes, its essential that we understand the disadvantages of traditional tobacco based cigarettes.

Traditional tobacco based cigarette disadvantages

1. Health issues are the first major cause. Cigarette smoking by itself being one of the most hazardous habit we could acquire, Cigarettes contain over 4000 chemicals in the smoke we inhale. From the chemicals used to process the tobacco for cigarettes to the chemicals produced by burning them, we inhale over 4000 chemicals in a smoke. To make things worse there are 50 Carcinogenic chemicals in them.

2. Passive smoking : Passive smoking has been of concern to a lot of smokers and their surroundings. For people who have children, smoking in their presence is like giving them a cigarette to smoke. pet’s too are allergic to cigarette smoke and could damage their health due to passive smoking

3. Environmental issues : Now this is not the Go green thing but the government issues. Most countries do not allow smoking in public. Of late bars, restaurants and clubs have been prohibited of smoking. Airplanes are becoming smoke free too.

And well that’s the beginning…..

Smoke free electronic cigarettes tackle these key disadvantages of traditional cigarettes by producing a chemical free (at least over 3800 chemicals are not seen in the electronic cigarettes) and with no Smoke or passive smoking effects. Today you can smoke an electronic cigarette in an airplane or a club unless it strictly prohibits electronic cigarettes too (like in a school environment or a hospital).