Smokeless cigarettes review

Since 2004 there have been a lot of electronic cigarettes in the market . Today there are over 300 Products online on electronic cigarettes. Most of them have the same features. The only thing that vary is the price and this is due to the cost of production and where the electronic cigarettes are manufactured. The core feature of the electronic cigarette is the Atomizer. The atomizer is the key component of the electronic cigarette which has to be in the best of its condition. The next is the Battery , which can most often be just working and fine. The 3rd component is the Juice (the nicotine). Now , very few products have all the 3 parts in the electronic cigarette in the best of its shape. Here, in the Smokeless cigarette review, i try to put the best electronic cigarette products online based on these 3 components.

You can read through the entire Smokeless Cigarettes review to judge on each of the products. Some products have excellent battery life but the atomizer is not as good as it is supposed to be, eventually either not living long or is simply not pulling the right amount of nicotine because of its weak nature. There are products which have poor battery life, only as much as 100 to 150 puffs which is like half a pack of cigarette, before a recharge. The Smokeless cigarette review tries to put all these features on a easy to read table based on each product and give it a rating . Read more on each Smokeless cigarette review in the coming sections of the Smokeless Cigarettes Review here!

Tips to Purchase electronic cigarette

There is a first time for everything and knowing what to purchase is hard when it comes to electronic cigarettes. To purchase electronic cigarette its important that you know what it contains and how it works. Electronic cigarettes work on the concept of providing the correct amount of nicotine to fulfill your urge. For a person who smokes 2 packs of Marlboro, the required nicotine level would be different from that of a person smoking 1 pack of B&H. The nicotine levels of both the cigarettes are different and the total consumption also varies from person to person. This is the key benefit of electronic cigarettes

Today you can Purchase electronic cigarette to fulfil your personal needs. So a person who would smoke a pack of B&H could use a lighter nicotine level as compared to a person who smokes a Marlboro with higher nicotine level. Increasing your nicotine level is like increasing your levels to a higher nicotine level cigarette. You will probably not like the outcome and its not recommended. Reducing nicotine levels are always recommended.

Today you can purchase Electronic cigarette to customize your nicotine levels. So if you feel a need to have more nicotine, you could adjust your cigarette accordingly. Electronic cigarettes today give you a wider range of options to smoking a cigarette. With Comparability reduced health issues and wider acceptance, you stand more chances to purchase electronic cigarettes now or in the near future.

Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette Advantages

Smoke free Electronic cigarettes are sold because of the advantages over the normal tobacco cigarettes. There wouldnt have been a need to invent smoke free electronic cigarettes if the traditional tobacco cigarettes were perfect in all senses. To understand the advantages of Smoke free electronic cigarettes, its essential that we understand the disadvantages of traditional tobacco based cigarettes.

Traditional tobacco based cigarette disadvantages

1. Health issues are the first major cause. Cigarette smoking by itself being one of the most hazardous habit we could acquire, Cigarettes contain over 4000 chemicals in the smoke we inhale. From the chemicals used to process the tobacco for cigarettes to the chemicals produced by burning them, we inhale over 4000 chemicals in a smoke. To make things worse there are 50 Carcinogenic chemicals in them.

2. Passive smoking : Passive smoking has been of concern to a lot of smokers and their surroundings. For people who have children, smoking in their presence is like giving them a cigarette to smoke. pet’s too are allergic to cigarette smoke and could damage their health due to passive smoking

3. Environmental issues : Now this is not the Go green thing but the government issues. Most countries do not allow smoking in public. Of late bars, restaurants and clubs have been prohibited of smoking. Airplanes are becoming smoke free too.

And well that’s the beginning…..

Smoke free electronic cigarettes tackle these key disadvantages of traditional cigarettes by producing a chemical free (at least over 3800 chemicals are not seen in the electronic cigarettes) and with no Smoke or passive smoking effects. Today you can smoke an electronic cigarette in an airplane or a club unless it strictly prohibits electronic cigarettes too (like in a school environment or a hospital).

Smoke Free Electronic Cigarettes

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health but have been practiced since early ages. The study of health issues due to smoking was conducted in the early 1900’s and ever since we have tried to find alternatives to smoking. Smoke free Electronic cigarettes were invented in 2004 to tackle issues of public smoking and late evolved to find health benefits When compared to smoking traditional tobacco based cigarettes. The principles of smoke free electronic cigarettes revolved around the concept of Nicotine intake , which was the basic ingredient required for smoking cigarettes. All the by-products were simply pollutants which were more harmful and gave lesser effect or the so called kick to one’s brain.

Smoke free Electronic cigarettes contain liquid nicotine with Glycerin based liquid which when heated up produces water vapor mixed with nicotine. The Nicotine takes its effect on the body, giving it a feel similar to that of smoking a traditional cigarette, while producing No smoke but pure water vapor in return. Most often, you do not see any vapor while exhaling a cigarette if you are a serious smoker or are in a warm condition.

Though Smoke Free Electronic Cigarettes are free of over 4000 chemicals which are included in a normal cigarette, it still contains the required nicotine to fulfill a person’s nicotine surge and thus give him or her the satisfaction of smoking a cigarette. With a range of Blends and flavors, these Smoke free Electronic cigarettes try to mimic the same taste as a normal cigarette.

Victory Electronic Cigarettes

Victory Electronic Cigarettes

The boss is here. Victory electronic Cigarettes is probably one among the top 3 electronic cigarettes in the industry. Great packaging, excellent service and state of the art product makes the Victory electronic Cigarettes the choice. A lot of effort has been taken on making this product look good and feel good. The excellent looks makes this product the choice for people who are concerned with their appearance. A range of styles makes the Victory Electronic Cigarettes the choice.

From traditional Tobacco Based cigarette looks to the most funky looks, Victory electronic Cigarettes sets a standard in the Electronic cigarette industry. Multiple Nicotine levels and cartridges that lasts longer than most competitors, the victory Electronic Cigarettes sets a standard all by itself in the industry of e-cigarettes.

Relatively new to the industry but a step ahead in innovation and settting standards, Victory Electronic Cigarettes has already set its mark. Find more about Victory Electronic Cigarettes from their website at

Royal smoke electronic cigarette

A few electronic companies have the range Royal Smoke Electronic Cigarettes have. The products range from Disposable to rechargeable and even a Pipe and cigars to suit your style. Royal Smoke advertises with the Green thing in mind. Going green is all that matters these days and royal smoke takes a lead on it . Most people are aware of the consequences of pollution from Carbon waste and cigarette butt’s . Using an electronic cigarette eliminates the need for Lighting up a cigarette reducing Smoke and Cigarette butts. More over there is no Smoke and only water vapor . The odor is very short lived to a few minutes after smoking. There is no after effects of Smoking Electronic Cigarettes which leave you with a stench of tobacco for hours.

Royal Smoke Electronic cigarette comes with a 1 year Replacement warranty. The parts are genuinely great and have a great life. Disposable cigarettes from Royal Smoke Electronic Cigarettes last a good 800 Puffs which is nearly a carton of cigarette. Today you can enjoy a good smoke with Royal Smoke without restriction of where you are. A bar, Theater and mostly anywhere as it does not leave a smoke residue and there is no passive smoking consequences. Check out some of the products related to electronic Cigarettes from the Products SEction.

Electronic cigarette flavors

Electronic cigarettes come in more flavors than the normal cigarette. Some of us love the special Vanilla touch to the cigarette and yet others like the special mint or clove flavor to the smoke. Now the range is not just limited to a 10 or 20… today we have over 40 flavors from watermelon, Rose and a lot more to the list of Electronic Cigarette Flavor.

Some of the weirdest and yet purchased flavors include Tutti fruit, Cherry Blast and the list is never ending. A list of all the flavors currently available in the market for Electronic Cigarettes are listed below

  1. Almond
  2. Apple
  3. Apricot
  4. Banana
  5. Betelnut
  6. Blackberry
  7. BlackWalnut
  8. Blueberry
  9. Cherry
  10. Cinnamon
  11. Coconut
  12. Dark Plum
  13. Grape
  14. Grape Fruit
  15. Granny Smith
  16. Hazelnut
  17. Kiwi
  18. Lemon
  19. Litchi
  20. Mandarin
  21. Mango
  22. Melon
  23. Migua
  24. Orange
  25. Peach
  26. Peanut
  27. Pear
  28. Pineapple
  29. Raspberry
  30. Red Jujube
  31. Strawberry
  32. Taro
  33. Tutti Fruit
  34. Walnut
  35. Watermelon
  36. Pomegranate
  37. Fruit Punch

Thats just the list i have found and there may be more to come. So check along. You will find electronic Cigarette Flavor products on the products section if you ever intend to purchase them. Have a nice one!

Liquid nicotine for electronic cigarette

If you own an Electronic Cigarette you know how important the Liquid nicotine juice is in your electronic cigarette, without which your electronic cigarette is just another device which doesn’t work. Like a pen without ink!!! Liquid juice or liquid nicotine can be purchased from the company where you purchased the electronic cigarette and also from other retailers  Liquid nicotine comes in a range of flavors now. From natural traditional tobacco to Strawberry and even watermelon. The most common of the flavors still remain the Natural tobacco followed by the Mint.

Its a good idea to stock up on your liquid Nicotine for a month and get a pack before your stocks are over. Though most nicotine liquid will not expire for a few months, its always nice to have a fresh pack. But with that said, there is always an advantage if you are looking to smoke the Liquid nicotine regularly or quit the traditional tobacco. You can check out some of the companies which supply Liquid Nicotine for Electronic Cigarettes in the product section.


Mini electronic cigarette

Electronic Cigarettes are making rounds and that’s not new. There are problems though. The first one is the need for the cigarette to be charged before you smoke . The inconvenience of not finding a charger handy or no electrical or usb outlets when you are outdoor is an issue. But whats more annoying is that most people who smoke a normal tobacco based cigarette find an Electronic Cigarette far more heavier and bulkier. Though the taste and feel may nearl be the same, The weight has been of concern for most Electronic cigarette manufacturers.

Mini Electronic Cigarettes try to mimic the Normal Cigarette in its best for. From appearance, Size and even weight, the New Mini Electronic cigarettes are trendy and looks almost like the normal cigarette. Just no flame to light it up and you would not see a difference from a distance. Mini electronic cigarettes are comfortable to smoke and leaves no trace of smell or after effects of normal smoking. To find a list of Mini Electrical Cigarettes ,  Check out the products section. And yes… Have a nice one!

Electronic Cigarette Company – The Best

Electronic cigarette companies are making news now. With no FDA Rules and regulations , there are plenty of manufacturers in the electronic cigarette industry and new ones popping up every other day. Some import parts from China, while some import the entire kit. Some companies outsource their services to places like India  while others are having factories to manufacture outside the united states. Whatever the manufacturers do, the Electronic Cigarette company reviewed here is based on 2 major factors. The product and the service. I have tried to put in a list of the best electronic cigarette company based on customer reviews and what people say about their product and service. Not to say that the list will constantly change and a review and rating will be provided from time to time. So lets get started with the list.


  1. GreenNicotine
  2. SmokingVapor
  3. Vapurize Electronic Cigarette
  4. Smokeless Delite
  5. Victory Electronic Cigarettes
  6. Smoke free Cigarette
  7. Starfire Cigs
  8. The SafeCig
  9. eGoVape
  10. Cigarti Electronic Cigarette.
  11. PureSmoke Electronic Cigarette
  12. eSmokeClub
  13. Smoke Revolution Premium E-Cigarettes
  14. JABJA Inc EliquidPlanet
  15. VAPAGE IS THE NEW SMOKE, Premium E-Cigarettes by Vapage
  16. Halo Electronic Cigarettes
  17. Jet Cigs LLC
  18. Organicix, LLC
  19. NICOmate
  21. 7s Premium Disposable E-Cigarettes
  22. Volcano Ecigs EU
  23. White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes